Nocturnal battle

Saturday, November 4, 2023


Yesterday was a rather stressful day and I wanted to chill out last night. 

Leslie was out celebrating Corrie and Juleen's birthday and I decided to go see a film and decompress.

The 1953 movie Shane was playing up at the Mission Theater, Fallbrook's most lovely art deco building. It would be just the ticket. Funky and fun.

I bought some sour gummy bears and a sprite and went in and enjoyed the movie. Neat cross section of town gets together on Friday nights to see old flicks. I saw a couple of people that I knew. 

The cool thing about Shane is that not only is it a top notch western, with a pretty boy hero like Alan Ladd and a great villain in Jack Palance, it is set in the Grand Tetons, a spot I both love and am intimately acquainted with.

I think a portion was filmed at Schwabacher's Landing, a favorite of mine.

I sure love that country! 

With the exception of one elk and some deer, they sure kept the wildlife out of the shots.

Boy do I miss Wyoming! I have to get back up there.

Movie was just what I needed. I hadn't been to the theater in years. May have to check out the Wizard of Oz too, coming up soon.

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Lena said...

Beautiful photos! Elegant…