Monday, November 6, 2023

Jews killed Santa

I was busy loading the truck when Ron stopped by this morning. Ron is over eighty and used to be my dentist. He is a good friend with a very warm heart.

He told me that he had to ask me a question that was puzzling him? I was trying to figure out how much time I had for the discussion but told him to let her rip.

"Why do people hate jews so much? When and why did that start? Why pick on that one particular religion?"

Well jeez, how do you answer something like that?  You got me. Is it our tendency to male pattern baldness or our reputation for being the best lovers? That cute little thing we do with our phylactery when we are dovening?  Our monopoly on the movie and media business? Harvey Weinstein?

I didn't have time to give him the answer he was evidently seeking. I told him that the query was way beyond my paygrade but that it might have something to do with the Jews killing Santa Claus. 

Which was funny that I could use this because I was not aware of the meme until this very morning when Cam laid it on me.

Honestly, he didn't bat an eye.

I think the concept showed up first in a Japanese storefront window.

Works for me. Sorry, St. Nick.

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