Peregrine flight

Sunday, November 5, 2023

Lost in the Windy City

Last night's dream is slipping away but I will try to land on the frame of it before it completely disappears. 

I was with my late mother in Chicago. 

We were at a high rise hotel together but somehow I had become separated from her.

I ended up out on the street, spiraling farther and farther away with every step and attempt to return. 

It was raining. 

I lost my shoes. 

I was on an endless parade of buses, subways, trains, escalators and walkways but I never got any closer to the white hotel on the hill or reconnecting with my family.

In fact I was caught on pretzel like freeways that obscured my return with every revolution. I was in a panic and it felt dangerous.

I was completely lost.

The statues on the sides of the buildings were animated, moving and whirring in my direction like creepy automatons. 

Gothic figures with a touch of Disney small world. 

Street hustlers were sizing me up for the kill, like a cartoon wolf imagining a lamb on a platter.

I woke up.

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