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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hasta la vista, baby.

Bobby Filner, you stupid schmuck. A lot of people went to bat for you, shmegeggi, and you get caught with your shmeckel in your hand bothering the hired help. What the hell is wrong with you? "I need help." Please, now your aides and allies are deserting you like rats jumping off a sinking ship, a little late to play the sympathy card. Funny, even Manchester is trying to sound noble as you self immolate.

You had a great thing going and you f'd it up. Now San Diego can wait another fifty years for another democrat to get your job. Not like you won a lot of friends picking needless fights, not like anybody is going to put their ass on the line for you now, might as well call it a day, Mr. freedom rider.

Filner joins a long line of yidlick politicians who think they are the second coming of Casanova, Spitzer, Weiner, Kissinger, Greenspan, etc. Behaving like a bunch of oversexed accountants. Hey guys, I've got a secret. It's not your punim. Adios Bob, you are officially toast. Putz.

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