Egret and crab

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The strange saga of Mr. George Blake - Chapter II

George pulled open the front door with such force that it flew back and dented the virgin entry wall. Dolores would not be pleased. 

He ignored this thought and rushed forward while attempting to chew and swallow, only to have a hard object crack against his left back molar. He spit the entire mess out onto his pride and joy: a verdant, immaculately mowed lawn.

After checking the street to make sure his ride wasn't in view yet, he squatted down to look at his breakfast. There was a green pill-sized cracked capsule on top of the masticated mess. He peered even closer and the back seam of his pants ripped from crotch to belt as he, unable to stop himself, tipped onto his side. Briefly, before he pushed himself up in horror and shame, he was eye-level with the remains of the waffle. A miniature fuchsia-colored slug wiggled through the split capsule.

George ran back to the front door, holding his briefcase back against his torn pants while he tried to block the image of the slug. He heard the dead bolt slide into place as he reached for the door knob. "Dammit, Dolores, let me in," he shouted. Behind him, the Chevy filled with his carpool pulled to the curb.


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