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Thursday, June 18, 2009

The strange saga of Mr. George Blake - Chapter VII

In the morning Mr. Blake was awakened by a team of nurses, technicians and doctors. They wanted to do a few more tests on George. "What kind of tests?" George asked the pretty redhead nurse. She replied "Oh just the usual ones, blood, urine, and a uranium crystal pentolobotomy." Still drowsy from the sedatives that were administered the night before, George mumbled and nodded his head in assent to the testing.

"Nurse? could you tell me where I'm at and what's the name of this hospital, and how did I get here?" enquired a puzzled George. "Oh that stuff is for the front desk sir, I'm just a nurse here, I'll have someone on the staff brief you, but now I have to prep you for your tests," explained the nurse. "Where's my wife Dolores? At that moment a large fellow who stood about about 6'5" started to wheel the middle aged patient down the long hallway towards the elevator. Before he knew it George was in a dark room with a staff of about twenty doctors, nurses and technicians, all wearing day-glo jump suits with an unusual Pentagram on them.

"Have you ever had a uranium crystal pentolobotomy before?--of course not, how silly of me to ask. This won't hurt...." said one of the doctors to George. One of the technicians put a clear plastic mask over George face. Instead of being sedated George was now clearly paralyzed . He could not move but he could see and hear everything that was happening. Or could he? Maybe this was a dream? Terrified he could not move, he could only experience what was going on.

He tried to scream but nobody seemed to hear him. He tried a trick that he had learned years before in the Military-rapidly blinking his eyes back and forth. No one paid attention to him. Suddenly he heard loud noises, the type you hear on a science fiction movie, like the noise of a drill in some mad scientist's lab. He could only see in one direction as he could not move his head. As soon as the noises became deafening, they stopped completely, and the room grew darker and stars started to appear on the ceiling. He heard a faint sound, one like a nursery rhyme that repeated itself over and over. By then George was frantically screaming but no one either heard him or was paying attention to his desperate pleas for help. As he stared at the ceiling the stars started to move faster and faster until they seemed to vanish into a blur. The nursery rhyme became louder and louder. He felt like his ears were about to explode.

As he lay paralyzed he noticed from the top of the ceiling a large drill slowly moving towards his cranium. He could hear everything the doctors were saying in some weird language that he had never heard before. But he understood every word that was said. "Help me!!! Help me." cried out George. Soon the drill was inches away from his eyes. Then the room became brighter and brighter, until George could not see anything but pure white light. He could hear every ones conversations and even their thoughts but most oddly he could hear the nursery rhyme about the little girl that had a little curl, and it was the key to everything that had transpired!!! My god! He felt strangely elated. It was the key to unlocking the universe! Yet it was slipping right through his fingers. George felt an intense pain in his forehead..................


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