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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Greetings, Kathmandu

I am always amazed by the places this blog travels.  I just got my first hit from Kathmandu in a while.  I am assuming that it is my friend Shawn checking in.  Take care of yourself my friend. Careful with the yak butter. Hope that you are having a nice time. Dress warmly. Try the temple balls.

I get regular viewership from Japan as well.  Dave, would it kill you to drop your friends in Fallbrook an email now and then?

Other hits from beyond today include Thailand, Malaysia, UAR, Korea, Japan, Peru, Ukraine, South Africa, Iran, Indonesia, Cebu, Israel, Turkey, Spain, Pakistan, China, Portugal, Philippines, Malta, Kuwait, Ghana, Egypt, Kenya, Tunisia, Greece, Bahrain, Singapore, Nigeria, New Zealand, France, Britain, Holland, Germany, Denmark and Ireland.

Thank you all for visiting and please understand that we come in peace. We at the Blast have no intention of taking over your planet, we are just interested in observing it and possibly taking a few choice specimens back to our world.

Leslie has been at the Health and Harmony Festival in Sonoma this week so I have spent more time puttering around the ranch. I was filling the dog's water this morning and I realized that I couldn't tell you which way water swirled down the drain without looking. (it was counterclockwise with me being in the northern hemisphere.) Shouldn't I have been aware of that? Did it once in Nyauhuru in Kenya and the water went straight down the drain on the equator with no spin. Just goes to show how unconscious a guy can get...


shawnintland said...

Yo bro, Yep - it's me checkin' up on your blog from the Himalayas. Weather's here - wish you were great and all that. Maoist shut down the valley again yesterday so I spent 11 hours hiking into the National Park at the North end of the valley. Spectacular scenery, wonderful orchids, no leeches (Yahoooo), and quite sore calves this morning! Managed to get across town to Bodinath to circumambulate the Chedi (That's the Thai name - can't remember the Napali) a few times at sunset. Hope all's well back there and I'll be back in touch when I can.

Blue Heron said...

I got a beautiful letter from DAVE IN JAPAN THAT I WON'T SHARE, BUT FRIENDS OF DAVE, (oops caps) rest assured that he is ok and misses you.