Jelly, jelly so fine

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Last night Leslie and I drove to Escondido so that she could visit her chiropractor, Tim Brothers. We had a $100.00 gift certificate to Vincent's Restaurant on Grand that had been given to us ages ago so we said why not, better use it before we croak?

We got down there and it was a wild scene because it was Cruising Grand night and there were a million people and hot rods out on the street. Now if you know me, you know that I am highly critical and acerbic human being, and I am ultra snobby about food, unless it is of course, cheap dive food, which I love. Go figure. So I was prepared for the worst. Escondido?

I was blown away by the food. I had not eaten Vincent Grumel's food in years but I can't think of anywhere I have eaten in the area that I have liked as much. It was all you can eat mussels night but we both were in the mood for something else. We started with two foie gras appetizers, the first one was absolutely giant and served with caramelized pears and almonds in a port reduction, the second a foie gras terrine and cured duck prosciutto, served with fig chutney and toast points. Now I must to confess to not ordering them both, they accidently served us the one with the pears and I deviously started carving it up before they discovered their error.

The appetizers were followed by a wonderful cream of artichoke soup. Leslie then had a marvelous salad called the Autumn Salad, a baby mesclun mix tossed in a vinaigrette with slivered walnuts, apples and shaved fennel.

At this point I was already full but gamely started my entree, a sweet potato ravioli in a sage-lemon beurre blanc, topped with pancetta and shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano. Leslie had Muscovy Duck confit simmered in herbs and garlic and it was delicious as well. We couldn't even look at dessert. All the diners looked very happy in the packed restaurant. Every entree we saw in the place looked wonderful - especially the Wellington. I will definitely be back. Here is a link to the restaurant and the menus. Definitely check it out. I am sorry we waited so long.


Anonymous said...

"let them eat cake!"

JudgeRoyBean said...

Glad that you and Leslie liked it so much, "Bro."

First-tier New York (Manhattan) restaurant right there in Escondido.
Ambiance and all.

As the popular saying now has it:

"Who Knew?"

Mazeltov, and we're glad that the gift certificate made it through the
passage of time.

All the best,

JudgeRoyBean and Mrs. Bean

Sanoguy said...

We be goin'!!! Thanks for the tip!!!