Egret and crab

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Saw all of the three young raptors cavorting on the dead wood in front of the nest this morning. Mama with her watchful eyes sailed overhead. The last tuft of white down has now left the juvenile red tail hawk's head. Soon they will start hunting on their own. Make sure to click on the photos to zoom.


Sanoguy said...

Great photos!! They are marvelous creatures. We see some out our way on a regular basis... I always enjoy watching their majestic soaring!!!

Anonymous said...

These are so cool.

Anonymous said...

Your photos of the hawks continue to get better. You must of got a new telephoto lens. The 6/8/09 Title shot really caught my eye.


Blue Heron said...

same old lens - as they say in the trade, morning light - evening light...

Anonymous said...

That title Hawk photo looks like a Bateman painting. Good job-the best shots always have interesting middle ground.

Anonymous said...

Hello Robert,

I have enjoyed your photographs so much. It has been just a month since you started shooting them,
I cant believe they have gone from little nappy headed mo's to such fabulous predators in such a short time.
You have really captured the essence of these beautiful birds. Good luck with the beavers.