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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cheap Beer

As I may have previously stated, I am not much of a boozer. I have a host of other vices. I will have an occasional vodka greyhound, or shot of tequila during a blue moon but I am a decided amateur. Alcohol sort of dumbs me down. Except for a good big cabernet sauvignon, which actually makes me smarter. But that is another story.

Even though I am not a big drinker, I have a perverse fascination with alcoholics and heavy drinkers and really enjoy their company at my local fraternal organization.

Now if I have to down a beer, I tend to like crafted beers or Smithwicks, the national beer of Ireland. Sierra Nevada and Samuel Adams aren't too bad, either. Usually I get a hard look from the professionals if I order one of these.

What I find fascinating, and the point of this rant, is that all the hardcore beer drinkers I know drink what to my taste are the shittiest tasting american beers. Primarily Coors and Bud actually, with the accompanying light.

Now I have been canvassing my test subjects as to the reason for this, even offering to buy them frosty mugs of expensive draft beer and they just won't have it. I asked a person I will call Joe, a friend who can easily put away a case or two, the reason for his choosing weak, diluted, american piss flavored beer and received the following answer:

Joe says people drink beer for two reasons, taste and buzz. He drinks coors for taste, but then he went on to say actually for it's lack of taste. You can pass more of the lager down the gullet faster because it doesn't have much of a taste. 12 oz. alcohol delivery system - voila! Serious Buzz. And they are cheaper.

Don't take my word for this - find your favorite beer drinker and offer to buy them a nice draft of Guinness or Boddington's and watch them wince. I would be interested in your collective thoughts on the subject.


Anonymous said...

Brew 102 Used to be brewed in downtown LA. As kids we joked 1 0 2stands for one out of two who drink it are alcoholics.

grumpy said...

i used to like a beer out of LA called Eastside; doubt if it's made anymore; i used to buy it at the corner liquor store, when i lived up there, because it was the cheapest; didn't taste half bad either...now that i'm livin' in paradise, however (Fallbrook), Taurino is my brewski of choice, straight outta El Salvador and sellin' for a mere 7.99 for an 18-pak at good ole Fresh and Easy, or as my friend Ellie likes to call it, F'n E; it's a good light lager that goes down real smooth when lightly chilled and poured into a tall thin glass; do not make the cardinal sin of drinking beer ice cold, or straight out of the can, it needs to build up a head; it's the equal of Corona and at half the price....the proprietor of this blog tells me i have been missed, which is nice to hear; i wasn't sure if anyone cared too much about what i had to say; perhaps some still don't; asi es la vida; i'm going under my old moniker of "grumpy" once again; for a while i switched to "angelino", in honor of my birthplace, but you can't go home again; no direction home...by the way, Robert, there is a micro-brewery festival on tap at the Pechanga Casino this coming Saturday afternoon, if you wanna sample more of those designer suds...salud, amigos...


Liz said...

Of course you have a fascination with alcholics. Look at who raised you. Don (and mom to a much lesser extent) were seldom sober.