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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bad Beat

I was looking on the internet and mildly surprised at the dearth of images available for my search term, ass handed to me on platter. The initial adjectives I had contemplated using for describing the trip were ears pinned back, then gravel mouthwash but as I leave Las Vegas with tail firmly between my legs I think that the only fair description is severe assbeating.

I couldn't catch a card all week. I pride myself at my blackjack acumen and have a pretty stellar record in the game but there are times when you are going to get a beating and the time for me is right now. I have certainly had my wins and if you play the game, you have to expect that there are times that you are going to lose.

I could blame the lummox from Columbus who took an extra card which they would have had to bury, costing me a jack and a big unit swing. I watched the guy sit on fives against face cards for about an hour, like watching an idiot human train wreck. I extricated myself from the doofus but never really found my flow all weekend. Grumpy dealers, bad players, dealers making 21 in the cutest and most unusual ways, time after time. Like Sisyphus, I just never got a tail wind. I felt it early. I play on vibes and flow and should have known better.

My system has an automatic cutoff control in place so the pain is practically tolerable. Robert's primary rule of gambling; "Losing always feels worse than the winning feels good." Besides Kerry always points out that humility does wonders for my art and disposition. Did have a nice meal at Valentino last night and a good breakfast at Bouchon. I was told that Sheldon Adelson, the owner of the Venetian, and fifteenth richest guy in the world, was walking around the hotel but I never saw him. Politics aside, I really sort of like and admire the guy and I would have liked to meet him and thank him for the three day comp at his magnificent hotel. Enjoyed the amenities at the Canyon Ranch Spa every day.

But this is basically my third week on the road and I am certainly ready to get home and stay there for a while. Two more hours and I get to see this town in my rear view mirror, weather permitting. Storming and flooding outside. Leslie is here on business and is almost finished buying for the fall and winter. It is her birthday tomorrow so if you see her wish her a good one.

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