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Friday, August 24, 2012

Quislings and French Surrender Monkeys

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, a Republican, is under fire from a member of the Republican National Committee for meeting with a native american group as required by law. In an email released by Progress Now New Mexico, she is accused of dishonoring the memory of General George Armstrong Custer, a man who killed thousands of native americans in the 1800's, by meeting with the Native American conference.

Martinez is required by law to attend the annual state-tribal leaders summit.

The committee member, Pat Rogers, is a high-powered GOP lobbyist, partner and Vice-President of the Modrall law firm of Albuquerque, RNC National Committeeman and recent member of the RNC Executive Committee.   He has represented Presidential candidates George Bush, Ralph Nader as well as Congressman Heather Wilson and the Susana Martinez for Governor Committee. His law firm Modrall Sperling, is a registered lobbyist for some of the nation's largest companies, including Verizon, General Motors, Scientific Gaming, The University of Phoenix, Molina Healthcare and CYRQ Energy.

The email was sent to high powered Albuquerque lawyer Paul Kennedy, currently vying for a State Supreme Court nomination. One would hope that the reference to Custer was made with tongue firmly in cheek, but with all the haters around, who knows these days?

Here is the email:

Quislings, French surrender monkeys, secret supporters (all along) of JAJ [Janice ArnoldPat Rogers Jones]

The state is going to hell.  Col. Weh would not have dishonored Col Custer in this manner.

I hope who ever recommended this is required to read the entire redist [redistricting law suit] transcript and sit through the entire meeting with the Gov.

Bury my heart at Wounded Knee

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