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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

For the Good Times

Dean is right up there with Elvis with me. My two favorite voices. A beautiful rendition of the popular standard.

Many people have covered this Kris Kristofferson song including the King, Al Green and Johnny Cash. Ray Price is maybe the definitive studio version.


Ken Seals said...

The Ray Price version is absolutely the Essential one for me. Just listened to it today. Along with the Ray Price Willie Nelson duets. Heavenly!

Ken Seals said...

I wonder, was the Deano too loaded to stand up for the song?

Anonymous said...

Ray Price is a little "dry"; Dino was a hell of an entertainer. BLR - Rich

Linda said...

Don't ignore Raul Malo's version. What a playlist that would make: For the Good Times over and over again, sung by all these great artists. But a little depressing.