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Monday, August 27, 2012

Cirque Du D.

It was our privilege to be invited to one of the greatest birthday parties I have ever attended the other night. D of R&D celebrated a nice round number achievement and R created the spectacle, setting the bar so high it may never be eclipsed.

She hired a troupe of Cirque and circus performers, a magician, contortionists, acrobats, juggler, fire twirler. Couple that with a great band, friends, family, food and libations and this one will be in our memory banks forever.

A very joyous and marvelous time with some of our favorite people.

I took a lot of photographs and look forward to processing them. Very fertile ground, visually. Here I offer a smattering of them for your enjoyment.

There was a bizarre thing that took place that still has those of us who were there, shaking our collective heads. The superb magician and mentalist Kevin Viner was baffling the crowd with his exceptional sleight of hand. He asked Leslie to pick a card and then to think of one of her oldest and dearest friends. She wrote his name on the card, out of view of the prestidigitator. Folded it in four and put it away.

"I see the first word starts with R," he says." "last two letters l." "Is it Randall Genser?" My wife and I were quite astonished. But what was more astounding was that the phone rang a minute later. Who was on the phone from Detroit? A guy we haven't talked to in a year? Of course it was Randall Genser. I think this one might have even flummoxed the magician although Leslie said that he remained nonplussed.

I had a very enjoyable time talking to Bob, the juggler. I used to juggle quite a bit and he showed me some of the new forms that had been developed by mathematicians in the early 1980's that have revolutionized the toss. Very competent juggler and a lot of fun. My juggling partners moved to Thailand and never came back and I sort of dropped my pins somewhere along the way.

I would like to thank our hosts and the fantastic performers on behalf of the both of us. It was amazing! I will send more personal pictures to many of the attendees in the coming weeks. What a hoot of a party!


Anonymous said...


Sanoguy said...

Double wow!!!

Marie said...

Triple Wow - Looks like it was a grand party, with fabulous entertainment, and awesome photos to prove it.

Anonymous said...

Those photos are BEAUTIFUL! Thank you!! R & D

Anonymous said...

My God,
The only parties I go to have a pony for the kids to ride. Beautiful pics Sir.
Captain Deli

Randy said...

Most over the top B-Day party that I have ever attended. Quite astonishing for a small town guy from the Midwest. Robert's photos are terrific. Now if we could just get Robert to tell us how he really feels about current politics and other assorted subjects of the day. D's much younger and proud Brother from Ohio!

Blue Heron said...

Great to see you again Randy. Sorry we missed your wife. I try not to get into politics too much, pisses too many people off.

Ken Seals said...

I like your artistic approach to the photos.

Blue Heron said...

I love yours as well Ken. Perfectly shot. We make a good team.