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Monday, August 6, 2012

The Fix is in.

I got a scary email tonight. In a slimy, sleazy reversal that stinks of a smoke filled, back room deal, the Riverside Board of Supervisors has reversed itself and paved the way for Granite Construction to permit the proposed Liberty Quarry. The current law says that they can't fast track environmental impact reports on mining projects and they are now changing the law so that they can do just that.

The project was voted down after a contentious series of hearings in February but now one of the Supervisors has flipped and they are certifying the EIR.

This project will have a lot of impact on my life. You see, the project is located right next to the Santa Margarita Ecological Preserve. I live on the southern border of the reserve. We are going to be hearing the blasting and eating the dust on a daily basis. The reduction of the mine's life from 75 years to 45 years provides little solace. I will not live to see the end of this quarry.

It is pretty sneaky to site a project of this magnitude with the kind of potential impacts identified by the opposition and the City of Temecula on a county line where the impacts will be mostly borne by the people like me in the next county. The 60 jobs that the proponent suggests that the project will provide are dwarfed by the hundreds of people whose quality of life will be negatively affected.

I hope that my fellow Fallbrookians and neighbors will join me and start to get involved in opposing this project. The City of Temecula is suing to have the EIR invalidated. This project may reduce truck traffic in Riverside County but it is going to increase truck traffic in San Diego. What is doubly ridiculous is the fact that they aren't even able to sell the aggregate that Granite is producing at nearby Rosemary's Mountain and are trying to increase the lifespan of that site by another twenty years.

I hope that the citizens of Temecula will vote these corrupt sob's out of office and turn up the political heat as high as it can go. Show them that our health and well being is more important than the greenbacks that Granite has been lining their pockets with.



Sanoguy said...

Sue them for the loss in value your house will suffer. With this vote alone, you have lost value. My sincere condolences!!

North County Film Club said...

Did you recognize Nancy and I in the "No Quarry" photo? We're down near the bottom of the Y.
We've been to several meetings and are doing what we can. It sure has been up and down.

Anonymous said...

"Boss Horn" could take a stand but his pockets jingle loudly when he stand up and that might be embarrassing.