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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dirty Talk

Got a letter from Mitt today. I've made all sorts of new friends since I subscribed to Townhall.

I will admit that I am a little bit confused by the Republican Party these days, frankly a little worried about them. Their message is so strangely incongruent.

Ryan believes in no rape or incest exceptions, and sponsored the bill with Akin but says it doesn't matter because he's not the boss, Romney is. The official Republican platform is also against exceptions but Priebus says, not to worry, the platform doesn't matter, what Romney says matters. Romney's not saying, but he has decided to not talk about anything substantive until after the election. Let him surprise you. Anyway, it's all so damn confusing. Does anyone believe in anything and are they willing to step up and take responsibility for it? They said they will answer no more questions about Akin or abortion today, or at least not in Denver.

To make matters worse Ryan comes out today attacking the defense sequestration language which is a bit weird since he voted for it, but according to him, not too willingly. Bizarre campaign. Not the first time they have attacked bills they supported. Bash Obama for pulling the 700 million out of the Medicare budget and then pull it out of your own budget. Is anybody keeping notes on all this?

Anyway it's so riveting, the networks have decided not to show most of the convention. Neilson has spoken, the American public has lost interest and we will now continue with your regularly scheduled programming.


Of course, Tropical Storm Isaac is also barreling in on the festivities, due to soak the convention if not worse. Waiting for Pat Robertson to explain where god stands in all this, the rain obviously god's vengeance for the drunken tea partiers unauthorized late night dip in the Sea of Gallilee. Smite them, lord. Am I sick because I can't squelch a cruel desire to observe the GOP delegates floating down the streets of Tampa, clutching light poles and strange flotsam as they vainly swim for dry land?


Both my wife and my mother's birthday today and happy birthday to them both. I officially rescind any proclamations that I have ever made regarding my mother's alleged hypochondria or any intimations I have ever made about my childhood and her child rearing capabilities. She is a brave woman who has fought gamely against maladies that would break a normal person. Think Odysseus lashed to the mast. How's that, Ma?


I am getting a clearer understanding of the critical choices beckoning us in the upcoming presidential election. Vote for Mitt and he will show you how you to can one day own numerous offshore accounts in the Caymans. Grow the pie and all that. The party line of the right says that liberals are missing that can do spirit, waiting for government to give them something for nothing. So why is all of California's federal tax revenue supporting these red, southern states again?

Anyway the way I see it is we tried Bush a couple times and the meltdown and resultant large transfer of wealth to the plutocracy turned the whole country on its ear. The GOP wants to blame Obama for his failure to clean up Bush's mess in a expeditious time period as if anyone ever had experience in dealing with such a meltdown before.

renegade macaque monkey, tampa
Personally I usually go with blaming the guy who made the mess over the guy who didn't clean it up fast enough but what the hell do I know?


Sanoguy said...

I think you know a lot..... Mitt is whatever one wants him to be... no substance to the guy ( Oh, well... he must have some since he has amassed a fortune). He has no real budget plan, seemingly no way to balance the budget in any sort of timely fashion. Even Ryan, the so-called budget hawk would not balance the budget until 2040.... and that's after decimating the middle class and creating more oligarchs.

I am not sure Obama is better, but, somehow I think my interests are better tied to him than the alternative.

By the way: the cuts to Medicare are in the billions, not millions>>> 716 billion.

Anonymous said...

The invite is an interesting mix of carnival and infomercial.
Knock down the bottles win a prize.
But wait there's more send three dollars today and win a 1 in 150000 chance to attend the convention.
The Deli Guy.

Blue Heron said...

Ow, right, billion. What's a decimal point or two?

Anonymous said...

Where's Grumpy? I enjoy Grumpy's comments.