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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tase me

A Texas man was tasered today by police while trying to go into a burning house to rescue his 8 month old son. The child died. This comes on the heels of a video where a woman gets shown getting stomped and slammed into a countertop by a couple of officers in Houston. And a recent indictment of Houston police officers for the beating of a black teenager.

I decided to google texas and taser and see what else I could find. Wow.

Texas mom used stun gun on 14-year-old son as discipline.

Texas cops taser 72 year old great grandmother.

Handicapped 350-pound Texas man dies after police taser used.

Cops tase man while having a seizure, causing permanent brain damage.

Texas troopers tase man wearing statue of liberty costume.

Texas police tase pastor after traffic stop.

Man sues after Texas police tase him for wanting to use the restroom.

Diabetic teen hit with taser after crash.

Cops tase patient at hospital.

Meet Taser Joe Martinez.

There's even a new niche law practice in Dallas for wrongful taser death lawsuits. There are more of these but my fingers are getting tired.

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