Greater Egret

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dumpling Inn

My friend Noreen asked me not to write about the Dumpling Inn. It is already near impossible to get a seat there. Sorry Noreen. We finally got in today. Arrived ten minutes early and they were kind enough to let us sit down and read the paper until they officially opened.

Asian food aficionados around these parts consistently call the Dumpling Inn one of the two or three best in the city, most say that it is the best.

We parked in the big lot at Jasmine and walked over. Forget about parking in the postage sized lot with the narrow spaces in the u shaped strip mall where the Dumpling Inn makes its home. The center is inhabited by a Happy Buddha Massage, Jasmine Express, reflexology, herb store, a Korean market, a chinese trinket shop and more of the like and always packed.

We drank our wonderful jasmine tea and considered the menu. Our first thought, when in Rome, we better order their famous dumplings. We were given various filling options and a choice of boiled, steamed and pan fried. Here is a screen shot of the dumpling menu.

Because we were early and they had time to prepare them properly, we ordered pork, steamed, of course, and it turned out to be the smart move.

I ordered the garlic baked sea bass filet. Leslie thought that she would try the lamb chow mein. My sea bass was lightly breaded, on a bed of rice and bok choy and simply flaky, perfect and marvelous, especially with a little hit of their chili.

Leslie's lamb was merely the best tasting lamb dish we have ever had in a chinese restaurant. Perfectly cooked and flavorful. Even the noodles were exceptional.

The soup dumplings came to the table piping hot and covered with ginger. Freaking incredible! Couldn't even wait for them to cool down... After the meal we walked over to Jasmine Express to get a few sesame balls to bring back to work.

I loved our meal, can't wait to go back for more discoveries. I would give you the address and phone number but I think Noreen and her husband will kill me. If you care bad enough you will look it up and find it. It took me five tries to actually get a seat here. Suffer like we did.


Sanoguy said...

I found this spot on Google. I know whee it is! Is the secret password "Blue Heron"?

Noreen said...

It's only fair, a dumpling for every extra minute I have to stand in line because of you. I see a mound of dumplings in my future -- wait, that was in my fortune cookie the last time I went to Dumpling Inn.

Helen Killeen Bauch McHargue said...

Sorry Noreen...Robert's sold me. See you in line.