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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Random Bites

Kudos to Governor Jerry Brown for vetoing a bill that would allow non citizens to serve on juries in California. Never heard of such a crazy thing. Now if we could just mandate that they get a little driver's training before they get drivers licenses. I know first hand, crosswalks are an unknown to many of the immigrants in my town as are other of our normal driving practices.

Interesting how all of the 2016 Republican presidential candidates are publicly mum on the shut down issue. Afraid to tell us what they really think. Cowards. The GOP governors and state legislators are only too happy to throw their comrades under the bus.

The stupid Obama administration and its pitiful State Department is cutting hundreds of millions of aid to Egypt, against the advice of many, including the Israelis.
State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki says the U.S. will withhold delivery of certain large-scale military systems as well as cash assistance to the Egyptian government until "credible progress" is made toward an inclusive government set up through free and fair elections.
Interesting, we can look beyond the myriad of abuses by the Muslim Brotherhood Government of Morsi, which included beating and jailing journalists and non violent protesters, instituting islamic sharia law, a push to free convicted terrorist leader Abdul Rachmann, annulled the constitutional amendments of Egypt's Supreme Court, terrorizing Coptics and Christians and other "manifold abuses."

The present government seems to be doing a pretty fair job, definitely trying to clean up the rat's nest that is the Sinai. Our State Department has always been dominated by Islamists and in this case, it appears to come from the top down.

Smart of Obama to invite the House Democrats over for a chat. Since the House Repubs are apparently in favor of suspending the long standing American tradition of majority rule, perhaps they should pay attention to their comrades across the aisle, who beat them in the popular vote in the last election by over a million votes.

Nice to know that even in the shutdown, the House Republicans still retain their free gym memberships.

Eric Cantor penned an op-ed in the Washington Post, Divided government requires bipartisan negotiation, wherein he accuses the Prez of mocking Congress. Hey, Eric, you guys are arguably just half of congress, albeit the Junior League division. There is a Senate too, you know? The Senate voted on your bill, why don't you vote on theirs?

You and your bff buddy Boehner have already welched three times on deals, your august body is wracked by internal division, how would a sane and rational person go about negotiating with you?

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