Equinox sunset at Salk

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Big Muddy

I got this email today from my friend Ted in Kauai. Ted likes to do night photography, in the company of his canine pals, and he often sends me shots of the night sky. I don't think that he will mind me sharing this one.
Ola Roberto,
I have a funny story for you which took place last night. I was out at the Nininini Lighthouse at Lihue airport and decided to get in the photo with Ricky and Nikki. 
So I set up the countdown timer for 10 seconds and walked out over the "dry" grassy edge of this muddy spot. Wrong! I was trying my damndest to keep upright and the camera clicked  a split second before my butt spatted into the pudding thick mud. OMG! Talk about a frickin mess ha,ha...
Luckily on the way down, I was able to dump Ricky to the left and when I hit the mud, got Nikki as well to the grass, but she rolled back in with me. It was rather comical to say the least. I ruined my brand new Verizon cellphone as it got wet with the red dirt muddy water.
Worse, I just removed the towel from the car and put it into the washing machine, then drove off. Luckily I had an empty cat food bag that I used to put my shoes and shirt/shorts into the trunk, then drove home in my wet underwear. 
My wallet got soaked and everything in it covered in mud, cellphone took a while to clean out, but I got it to work tonight after it was not starting up. Let's hope it's cured. :)
That was my adventure, but I did get some good shots before this happened. 

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