Sixteen seconds, Swamis Beach

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Just Ducky

Here's a picture of my wife with her mouth full. She loves it when I take pictures, doesn't she? We spent a nice day together yesterday, one of the few times this month that we will be able to hang out together.

She drove me to Scripps so that I could get a cortisone shot in my bum shoulder. Afterwards we hit Bulltaco in Cardiff for a duck burrito and a shrimp, chorizo and bacon taco. The last sounded better than it tasted but the first one was epic. Four great sauces, a jalapeno, haboƱero, tomatillo and a ghost chile, beware!

Never go to the Oceanside Bulltaco, couple people I know have hated it. Strange that one can be so good...

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