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Saturday, October 19, 2013

City of brotherly love

This is a telling video from Philadelphia. An officer decided to harass a couple guys for saying hello to a stranger.
"Why were you talking to him?" the officer identified as Philip Nace of the 25th District is heard after approaching the men from his vehicle. "You don't say 'Hi' to strangers."
"Not in this neighborhood," his partner of the same North Philly district adds.
"Don't come to f--king Philadelphia. Stay in Jersey!" one cop tells them.
"We don't want you here anyway, all you do is weaken the f---king country," another adds.
The officer's conduct is now under investigation by Internal Affairs. He didn't realize that he was still getting recorded after telling the man to turn his phone off. Wonder how many incidents like this never get recorded? One of the officers, Philip Nace, was implicated for similarly sorry behavior in another video recently as well, in that case knocking over a basketball hoop. He is currently doing desk duty until this all blows over.
The video was taken in North Philadelphia and purports to show the 25th district officer approach a basketball hoop that was on the sidewalk. Almost immediately he attempts to push it back. 
After moving it back a few feet, he proceeds to knock it down.
A person off camera can be heard saying, "This is what cops do around here. They harass us."
"Internal affairs is conducting a full scale investigation on the incident, however, just based on what we can see, that's not something that's tolerated. I mean, what we can see, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what he's doing there," Lt. John Stanford of the Philadelphia Police Department said.
The video continues with Officer Nace talking to the two people who are off camera.
Person off camera: What's up?
Nace: You have a good day, sir. Both of you. Jesus loves you.
Person off camera: I'm Muslim.
Some more choice stuff on Nace at Philly.com. There is practically a cottage industry on YouTube of recordings of police engaging in similar behavior, I am subscribed to a channel called Cops behaving badly. Makes you wonder sometimes who the real criminals are?

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North County Film Club said...

How absolutely disgusting. I sure hope this guy got fired and is in therapy.