Equinox sunset at Salk

Monday, October 14, 2013


I had a fairly decent show in Glendale, which I am grateful for. Not a lot of sales but I made some good contacts and did put a little money in the bank. Will expound more on the show later. First the food.

I have written many times about my love for Zankou chicken, the wonderful mediterranean chain up in Los Angeles. They either serve Armenian chicken or Lebanese chicken, I can never really remember. In any case it has been my number one pit stop in L.A, for years and is the best roasted chicken you can find anywhere.

Roger and I took Robert, who had never been. Pita, humous, little tubs of garlic paste, pickled turnips and succulent chicken. Simply incredible. Roger told me that the family had split up the chain and that one of the chains is a dollar more than the other. I think that Robert loved it as much as we did.

We went to the place on Verdugo and Colorado, not my norm, I usually go to Hill and Colorado in Pasadena. What was cool was that after a great meal we sauntered over to the delicious Baklava factory next door, where the beautiful young girl behind the counter gave us a lesson on the various baklava.


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