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Monday, March 28, 2016

Helen Redux

Helen sent this to me years ago. It is so beautiful I thought I would reprint it.

Walking straight.
A challenge? Who would guess?
The brilliance of our gyroscope -
Its praises unsung, is a quiet miracle. 

I stagger now and list left-wise.
Loopily, my destinations reached. 
But I see eyebrows raised…
My aura broadcasts “Oddball” 

Aging brings gifts in its wrinkled basket.
Becoming invisible was an unexpected pleasure.
Different again - I’m sticking out.
Looking crazy, looking drunk.

What did you say? I can’t hear you either.
Whisper something in the good ear.
Something kind.

© Helen McHargue 2016


Anonymous said...

I resemble that statement

Anonymous said...

I'm so flattered. Thank you.

Blue Heron said...

Several people have called me personally to tell me how much they loved your poem, Helen.

Anonymous said...

Oh I like this very much.
Deli guy.