Saturday, March 5, 2016

Birthday Blast

I forgot our birthday. Wednesday was the ninth anniversary for this here blog, the Blue Heron Blast. Thanks to all readers, old and new, for coming to visit and spending your down time here!

We had dinner with R & D the other night and R asked me what my plans and dreams were for the coming year. And besides paying the bills every month, staying healthy and maybe taking a decent vacation, the only thing I could really think of personally was having the time and space to write some quality short fiction.

I hope that I can make that happen. Stay tuned. Happy Birthday, one and all.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday !
I need to read some of your great fiction, so kick it into gear.
Also... grab an axe and give me a visit , let's jam.

Unknown said...

Lovely birthday cake and I am so pleased that your blog has successfully completed all these milestones. Thanks for this inspirational post. I am also a blogger and for the first birthday of my venture I would be hosting a meetup bash with (some) followers at nearby home studios NYC.