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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hello Dalai

Buddhist offering, Escondido

I got a tweet from the Dalai Lama the other day. Another one.

I don't want to appear overly cold hearted or cynical, I appreciate the message Dalai, I really do. The fourth one this month.

Call me old fashioned but shouldn't the fourteenth incarnation of Avalokiteśvara be spending a little more time cultivating oneness or exploring the void locked in a cave on some mountaintop and a little less time blabbing on social media?  A guru who won't stop tweeting is kind of like Aunt Bea at a leather bar, a little incongruent if you ask me.

Most jewish people go through a buddhist phase at some point in their lives, hence the term ju-bus. Marin County is so thick with these sorts that you could hardly find an asian roshi in those parts if you tried.

Turnabout is fair play Dalai, how 'bout sticking on the tefillin and giving it a whirl? We could give you a yellow kipah. It's a natural combo. Guilt and suffering. Tell me, who's better at it?

Seriously, I think that this Dalai Lama is an amazing man. You talk about a guy who walks the walk and talks the talk, he has been exemplary in fighting for both human values and the rights of the tibetan people.  Consistently and only with love and never recrimination.


Can I find enlightenment on instagram?

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max hall said...

Your titles are always clever Rob!