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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Beauteous and the Dragon

Les and I had a delivery to a beautiful old adobe hacienda in Borrego Springs this week.

Ran into this dragon along the way.

Borrego has had huge migrations of Swainson Hawks this year, all feeding on a prevalent caterpillar.

Unfortunately that is a morning and evening thing but I guess it has been really spectacular. Seen some of Hal Cohen's videos. We witnessed a nice flower show in the Anza Borrego. Lovely magenta cactus blooms shine through my memory. And scarlet Ocotilla blossoms.

We had lunch at Carmelitas and then visited with Carol Lindemulder at her lovely home. She has produced some beautiful paintings of late. She also showed me a watercolor by my late teacher Doug Durrant that makes me remember what an incredible painter he could be when he felt like it.

Drove back up and headed to the 78, up Banner Grade and back through Poway. Just beautiful right now.

bugs at borrego

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Anonymous said...

That reminds me. I want to get an ocotilla for my garden.