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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Straight shooter

It hasn't been much of a business trip for Joe Biden this week. What, like fifteen stabbings and shootings in Israel since he got there in the last two days? Even an American veteran from Vanderbilt University got whacked.

Our buddies at the Palestinian authority are celebrating the assailants as freedom fighters and martyrs. Biden had the temerity to unequivocally condemn the shooters without in turn condemning the Israelis. "Let me say in no uncertain terms: The United States of America condemns these acts and condemns the failure to condemn these acts," Biden said Wednesday.

Thomas Coax - Getty Images
The ruling Palestinian Fatah party praised the attack, describing the assailant who was killed by police as a “heroic martyr.”

Boy is Biden going to be in trouble with his boss when he gets home.

I always liked Biden. Being a Vice President is a crappy job. LBJ, Humphrey, Gore, Chester Arthur, there are a lot of V.P.'s whose stars were dimmed by the mediocrity of the position. Not a job where one ever has an opportunity to look good. And he says stupid shit on occasion like we all do.

I would take a straight shooting Biden over a mealy mouth pussy like John Kerry any day of the week. A shame he didn't run. I like him better than any of the other options. Third party, Joe?


Anonymous said...

Biden has run twice and garnered a whopping one percent each time before dropping out faster than you can say plagiarist.
The people don't want the jerk and have said so twice. VP Bite Me can......bite me.

What we are all waiting for is the coming Armageddon when The Donald smacks down the career Liars-in-Chief and sends them back to Ar-Kan-Sas, after time served at Rikers or Pelican Bay.

It's gonna be fun......

Anonymous said...

I never-never forgave Biden for Clarence Thomas when he had 5 additional witnesses and never called them. He also "hung" Hill out @the hearings as the Republicans tried to humiliate her. She was a "reluctant witness." Ted Kennedy had been involved with his nephew in some shanniganns in Palm Beach and unlike "Bork" had his hands tied.The deal was made Thomas still only made it 52/48 lowest in history. Hill said he approached her and said he was better hung than "Long Dong Silver" a Black porn star and thet found out the same videos were rentable at a store near him.
Question was how could she ever come up with that?Senators Simpson, Spector, and Hatch waved a McCarthy list in the air saying they had names of men who she was sexually involved with in a provocative manner. A gracious and deeply religious woman she was professor of law at University of Oklahoma.


Blue Heron said...

Politics is an ugly business, hard to maintain any semblance of moral purity or consistency. Did you want Clarence to drop trou right there on the stand and let her examine the legendary unit? That was his dick, your honor...