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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Fallbrook Shutters Library Show

Warren, Lee, Mike and Kelly

People have been asking me what my contribution to the recent show looked like. I recognize that many of you will never make it to the Fallbrook Library, not now, not in the next hundred years and so I will post some of my pictures. Not all of them mind you...

Bob and Brett

Keep in mind that these images are large, I tried for 17 x 22" when I could, or that was the plan anyway. Size does matter.


I like shooting portraits. I may have a new diversion. As I may have let on, this is my first ever pure portrait show. Sort of a knack for capturing people at candid moments. Or their worst. I like bars, drunks, Les, the occasional murderer. Mostly strong characters.

Ain't nothing like the real thing. If you are able, please check them out live and in person and report back to me. Positive or negative feedback is appreciated, that is as long as you love them

Of course I am only one of five shutterbugs and my comrades work is equally if not more compelling. Hope that you like it.

Coop and Bruce

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