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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Four Days Gone

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Anonymous said...

My father has cancer, can he get cancer insurance ?

My father has lung cancer since 5 years ago and since three months ago his cancer
spread and today its stage 4 issues arent going right and we
want to perform the treatment at MD Anderson as its one of
the best hospitals but its so expensive is there any way to get cancer insurance to cover the
treatment? please i want your help There is no such factor as "malignancy insurance".
Health insurance is something you buy BEFORE you will need it;
not AFTER you've been diagnosed. Five years ago, before he developed cancer, he could have
purchased private medical health insurance that would possess
helped cover the cost of malignancy treatment and any other illnesses.

Nevertheless, because he's right now been diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer,
it's doubtful any health insurance firm will insure him.
Phone some of the various medical health insurance companies and
ask if they covers pre-existing Stage IV lung malignancy. If one says
it will, ask how much it's going to cost monthly.

You had better be seated when they let you know the purchase price.
If he's at least 65 years of age, he qualifies for Medicare coverage.

Medicare will pay 80% of the total hospital expenses and 20% of the total doctors' expenses (less deductibles and co-pays) incurred every year, but he's still going to end up
owing a mint to M.D. Anderson.