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Monday, February 6, 2017

Bad apple

I'm down one social media forum. I deleted my account at DPReview or tried to anyway. They want you or some corporeal form of yourself to live forever in cyberland.

I like what Jerry Garcia was saying once in some interview, let it all turn into dust when I'm gone. Poof. I've asked twice. We will see what happens.

I believe that I have always had a chip on my shoulder about authority. Never liked anybody telling me what to do. Joe died last month, the guy that once owned Mira Mesa House of Ice.

Nice guy. He said I was a real bastard when I was a kid. Used to shake his ladder when he was cleaning my dad's windows. I sure don't remember that but I guess it was possible.

Buzz tripped a bishop once at midnight mass. I brought magic brownies to one of my mom's unitarian church meetings when I was sixteen.

They seemed to be having a real nice time, literally rolling down the aisles but we got a stern letter some weeks later that my visage would no longer be a welcome sight in their sanctuary. I was young, sorry. I guess I am sort of a rebel.

Jorel Kal-el, insidious illegal alien

Anyway for the second time in recent memory, some political photo that I posted, this one from the Women's March, was censored. When I asked the moderator about the exact lines of demarcation and free expression, not to mention speech lay, I received no answer. So goodbye DPReview, owned by Amazon. I will visit a site that believes in freedom of nonviolent and non offensive political speech. They evidently didn't like the uncle sam graphic. Big deal, I did. And I don't think I am particularly radical either. Most people just won't say shit.

Those kinds of forums are filled with both great photographers and neurotic gearheads that like to argue incessantly about how many kodaks fit on the head of a pin.


I am getting a collection of some of my favorite shots together. You can find the link in the left column. Some of my old friends. Have been getting a lot of positive feedbacks from people I admire lately which I appreciate.

I have crampons and gaiters ready, leaving in a few days for zero degree Utah. Will see what we see and get what we get.

I find the current political scene almost comical. We're just watching a bad movie folks, keep the line moving, please. Rally is, I refuse to get upset my the incredible stupidity we are witnessing on a daily basis, Sean Spicer today castigating SNL for ridiculing his cartoon like boss.

Enough already, there will be a fall season, right after the 2018 elections. Chill. I am not going to get into a snicket every day. I have enough conservative friends no longer speaking to me. If something is super stupid or enraging or apt to one day annihilate the species, I might pipe up, not that it will do any good. I warned you humans.


After making fun of it for years I have found a utility for twitter. Some very smart people are using it.  I have ben creating some nice graphics and it would be nice if people saw them. Follow me at Robert Sommers @azurbird.

I would like to thank those of you who have written nice things about my brother. I am going to post them, with his approval, if you don't mind, or anonymously.

Let's have a wonderful life in spite of the assholes, whoever they may be.

© Robert Sommers 2017

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Kerr A. Lott said...

Jor-El was Kal-El's / Superman's father