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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Walk in beauty

It was nice to spend a week outside the ugly cesspool of politics. My recent travel companion is conservative, but fair minded. In any case we didn't dwell too much on politics. I tried to bring up the subject once and he said he didn't really care about such things and I got the message. Which is fine, everybody needs a break these days, no matter your political orientation.

I did get into it with a mormon rancher regarding Bears Ears National Monument and local exploitation of federal lands but we kept it short.

When's the last time anyone's attitude ever really got changed by talking anyway? Never happens these days. Might as well save your breath. We dial in the news that supports our views, hang out with like minded folk, stay in our bubble and pretend indignation when the other guy starts doing what our guy used to do. And vice versa.

I like to go back to what the Jefferson Airplane once so ably sang.

It doesn't mean shit to a tree.

The Navajo blessing way has a saying and concept worth remembering - hozho naasha, or walking in beauty. Not a bad way to go.

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