Nocturnal battle

Saturday, February 4, 2017


Like somebody said at coffee this morning; Trump seemed to narrow his sights on every cabinet position and find the nominee whose position is most antithetical to the essential purpose of each job. Energy and EPA, find people that want to abolish the departments. Ditto Interior, Labor. Nasty and cynical.

Betsy DeVos is said to be in the most trouble, at least has stirred up the most public opposition. Why wouldn't you want a woman running the public school system with no academic background in education?

A nominee whose goal is to dismember public schools, is anti LGBT, wants to abolish help for the disabled and has advocated for bringing more god into the classrooms and shifting more funds to private schools?

And is not above lies and deception. Read this. I hear that she gets in, that Murkowski and Collins merely wanted political cover, wouldn't have bailed on her unless they knew the GOP had the votes.

Morris Shenker and unidentified man
Puzder may take the cake over at labor. A guy who is the most anti worker figure imaginable. Read this piece in today's New York Times to learn about how he helped a Vegas mob lawyer, Morris Shenker, raid $25 million dollars from his worker's pension fund and then declare bankruptcy. Represented Jimmy Hoffa, dirty as hell.

He is the guy who is against overtime, minimum wage and referred to his own employees as "the best of the worst." Would like to replace them with machines and whose employees are forced to hide in the parking lots until they are needed so he want have to pay benefits. Great guy.

I am a little befuddled about how conservatives have turned milquetoast CNN into a straw man of the liberal media when MSNBC is even farther left, more virulent and cutting? I look at CNN as being pretty down the middle.

Could it be that they are afraid to turn the cannons on a potentially more lethal opponent or are they just biding their time for a more perfect kill?

Trump goes after Federal Judge appointed by George Bush.


Trump appointee Brian Klippenstein looks like a real beauty. Supports puppy mills and factory farming. Look him up. He just scrubbed animal welfare records from the USDA website.

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Jon Harwood said...

It looks like the Trumpists are trying a blitzkrieg strategy to disorient and confuse the country while they impose radical change. Trouble is, competence is required to pull such a thing off and competence is in short supply when you have a man child running things and alternating between authoritarian dictates and crybaby tantrums. The dude is in over his head and there are serious questions about his fitness for office. Not pretty.