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Friday, February 24, 2017

Confederacy of Stoopid

Conservatives refuse to believe Trump's travel is costing more than Obama's.

According to the Washington Post, Trump’s three trips to Mar-a-Lago have already cost a combined $10 million — compared with Obama’s average annual travel budget of $12 million. The Post reported that the first family’s “unusually elaborate lifestyle” poses massive new logistical hurdles, creating new strains on the Secret Service that could cost hundreds of millions of dollars.
Trump said this morning that Obamacare really covers very few people. That is crap. An estimated 20 million newly insured through the program, a slight majority through its expanded medicaid provision. But don't worry about it Donald, your koolaid drinking sycophants will drink up whatever lying swill you dish up without missing a beat.

I saw some blast readers at breakfast yesterday and they said that I had been rather restrained of late, basically accused me of laying off.  Now of course everybody is entitled to their opinion but I don't think that I have been pulling my punches, just picking my spots.

You scream all the time your voice gets hoarse and shrill. I have been yelling a long time and would rather take pictures of birds and meadows at the moment. Not my job to comment on every burp and flatulation from the Trump administration, feel free. Enjoy the revolution, it's your turn.

And they believed us when we told them that they would keep their insurance coverage!

What was that Bernard Shaw quote about not wrestling with pigs because you only get dirty and they like it. When you are subjected to a guy who only knows one reaction and that is to punch back hard , I think that the smart thing it to not follow his lead. People tire of that sort of thing very quickly and the neanderthals eventually do have to slink back into the swamp.

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