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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Bring it

It was supposed to be so easy. The Repubs have been gnashing their teeth since 2010, over a hundred House resolutions to repeal the ACA since it came into effect. They knew better!  One would have thought it would be kaput by now with the conservatives controlling the Congress and the Executive Branch and soon the Supreme Court.

Repeal and replace, remember? What the hell is taking you guys so long? Afraid to tell the 22 million newly insured sayonara? Face it, you will probably never hold all the cards and power you hold at present. If it was so terrible and beyond fixing, let's see what you geniuses have got? How hard can it be?

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Sanoguy said...

They don't have much beyond hot air..... the REP members of Congress who have been brave enough to hold Townhall's have been getting many earfuls of complaints from constituents.... and, no, they are not paid protesters. Repeal / Replace is probably going to be Repair / Replace.