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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Snuggle, not struggle

Shawn sent something quite interesting over:

Shawn Mayes
Mar 26 (2 days ago)

I've come to enjoy reading research papers that look into inter-species symbiotic relationships in various forms. My project with 'BioTec' involves trying to track down "who's responsible" for the creation process of the anti-bacterial/fungal/cancer/etc agents in the pitcher fluids...(latest theory we have is that it is perhaps the endrophytic fungi/bacteria residing within the plant tissues themselves, perhaps re-coding the plants' own digestive glands' production of enzymatic fluids).

I was sent the following article (which only cites various research) for a completely disassociated reason, but found it it interesting in those respects.



We tend to think of darwinian evolution in terms of violence and struggle. And if you are a factory farmed chicken headed for the grill I don't blame you. But new evidence suggests that there is an adaptive benefit to getting along, being nice and cooperating. What a concept!
"The relief of an easier life can inspire new biological forms just as powerfully as the threat of death."
"For those most invested in the old-school Darwinian view of the survival of the fittest and violence as virtue, then, the message is clear: Just relax."
Here's to getting along.

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