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Thursday, March 30, 2017

The other side of the fence.

Mark Foley and friend
I get the same dumb mail and chain letters that you get. Because I read both the left wing and the right wing publications, they both figure me as one of them and I get tons of partisan junk mail from both sides.

I got this one from three different right wing friends and it wins some sort of stupid prize. I am not going to take the time to go through it line by line but jeez, I don't know any democrats that want to ban everyone else from meat eating, that's a new one.

Republican Senator Larry Craig, liked to play footsie in airport bathrooms 

Well, I didn't forward it but I am blogging about it, mostly because it is so stupid. I sent back this note last night - I certainly fall to the pinko side on this one. Don't need to forward them to me . Although I am a happily married straight guy, the following stanza is total bullshit:

Legislated respect? How about simple fairness in survivorship benefits, the freedom to rent an apartment without discrimination or a hotel room for that matter, or the right to obtain employment regardless of sexual orientation? We can legislate respect later.
Let's change it to - If a republican is homosexual he quietly leads his life, that is unless he is a conflicted and closeted queer congressman and than he will eventually get busted in some airport bathroom committing an obscene act or in a hotel room with some underage page like the State Senate guy in Oklahoma last week. After they make life miserable for everybody else, not to mention all the gay people they help persecute, of course.

Oklahoma State Senator and member of Trump leadership team Ralph Shortey with underage male.

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