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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

In spades

I heard once that only one question goes unanswered in the bible. Am I my brother's keeper? It's a good question. No one has ever figured out the right answer. Never will. Paul Ryan surely doesn't feel like he is, a libertarian and disciple of Ayn Rand, the crown queen of selfishness. Never met a Rand devotee I could trust.

So what was the push number, 56 million out of insurance or something like that? But make sure you raise the rates fivefold for the elderly, young and the infirm and of course we will have to give the plus 200k folks a big fat tax break. The GOP isn't content unless they are punishing somebody and it looks like the little guys are going to get it good.

My favorite illustrative moment was at the Republican Townhall debate in Tampa in 2011. CNN's Wolf Blitzer asked Ron Paul a hypothetical question about a young man without insurance who is severely injured and requires hospitalization for six months. Who would pay for his care? Should society "just let him die?"

And the foaming crowd starts screaming feverishy, "Yes, yes, let him die."

And there's the split.

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Anonymous said...

The GOP is about choices. You can now choose to die.