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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Marianne Faithfull - With You in Mind


Anonymous said...

Written by the extraordinary Jackie DeShannon.

Made a big faux pas by inscribing on the 'Needles and Pins' page on Wkikpedia that Jackie should have got writing credit along with Sonny Bono and Jack Nietsche. Immediately got it erased and got three emails explaining the decision, after I had insisted she never pressed the issue despite the three of them banging it out on the piano, at the recording session. This was all explained by her on her chat with Terry Gross on 'Fresh Air'. Nonetheless she remains creditless. Her writing cred remains paramount to her singing accomplishments, 'Bette Davis Eyes' et al, and I can't imagine her not having a great influence during the creation of 'Needles and Pins'.

orozco said...

JDS doesn’t seem the type to sit idly by while others are writing songs ‘for her.’ She didn’t need to. I believe her, because as someone else has mentioned, I don’t think Sonny Bono was that good a songwriter, as far as hooks, melody.