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Friday, March 31, 2017

Doctor Strange

Health and Human Services Secretary and medical doctor Tom Price has announced big cuts both to his department and to research funding at the National Institute for Health.

As a cancer survivor who has benefitted greatly from experimental research I find this very sad. It will be very interesting to watch Price do all he can to decimate Obamacare, but there are a lot of eyes on him and he may just slow walk it for a while until he finally finds a way to do it in. Hey United States of America, you voted for these people, now smell the glove.

America, including increasing numbers of Republicans, is now apparently appreciating the ACA more and more, according to recent polling, perhaps after seeing the Keystone Kops style bumbling and alternatives offered by the backers of Trumpcare.

This is below my normal low standards of journalistic fairness and integrity but this Price guy creeps me out. The sheer looks of him.

The smile, which reeks of false sincerity, reminds me of several things, including a creepy homicidal doll on one of the early Night Gallery television shows, Lone Survivor/The Doll. The one that was brought over from India and killed all the little girls playmates; aka Tom's doppelgänger.

And even worse, his anesthetized grin makes me think of Dennis Rader, the BTK killer. Remember the Kansas murderer, a cub scout leader and President of the Lutheran Church council?  The guy who was loved by his neighbors but hid the most gruesome obsession.

People who smile a certain way freak the heck out of me. There is a lack of honesty plastered all over his mug. I am not in any way intimating that Price is a torturer or killer but I for one, would not feel comfortable visiting his medical practice.

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