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Monday, March 20, 2017

Wait up

Trump dismisses a poll that doesn’t exist for coming from an inaccurate pollster that wasn’t.

Dystopian Fiction Is Selling Like There’s No Tomorrow.

Couple great headlines out there. Although the times are certainly nutty they do give you ample opportunities to laugh.

We lost quite a few souls this week that left big footprints on the universal timestream. Jimmy Breslin, one of the best writers to ever come out of the big apple. James Cotton, a harmonica player that blew true. Chuck Berry, a major influence on Beatles and Stones, who did things in his own inimitable way.

Bernie Wrightson, an incredible comic illustrator I was lucky enough to catch at the early days of the San Diego Comic Con, along with other immense talents and peers like Kaluta, Jeff Jones, Chaykin, Stout and Corben.

I feel very blessed to have been able to meet so many of my artistic heroes in my life. And the Con was a big portal, met Sturgeon, Zelazny, Kirby, Mouse, so many incredibly talented people there, people that stretched the boundaries. The late Dr. Leonard Shlain, who I was also privileged to meet, who wrote Art and Physics, among other books, said that artists got the word about the portents of the future before anybody else did.

Said life is a little rocky right now, am attempting to right my own ship. Am astounded by this new invention we have, they call it a television. Small life like figures dance around a screen and entertain you, seemingly at all hours of the day or night.

Watched the Twilight Zone episode Judgement Night where the german U-Boat captain gets to relive the killing of the people on the British ship every day for the rest of eternity. Ninety nine percent of the crap on t.v. is absolute sheit, but I am finding myself drawn to the early black and whites.

These days will drive you crazy. Best to find a good diversion.

Putin critic turned green - New York Times
“This strange assumption of the Kremlin: to pour brilliant green on me so that I don’t travel around the country and call rallies,” he wrote on Facebook. “It’s way cooler that way. Barnaul and Biysk volunteers (where we are opening two campaign headquarters these days) will get the most stylish selfies ever, and I’ll be the star of any rally.”
He did, however, seem more concerned about his new green teeth. “Lemon won’t help you remove brilliant green,” he wrote. “Formic acid is way better. But I’ll remain light-green for quite some time. What worries me is my teeth. They are also green so far, but I hope they’ll discolor.”
Suspicion of complicity in Russian shenanigans is falling once again on Paul Manafort, except for in the Trump White House anyway. Spicer today said that he only had a limited role for a limited time. He was the Campaign Manager for goodness sakes. Doesn't get much closer than that.

A friend of the friend had these bumper stickers made. Leslie asked me not to put it on my car. Might not be a safe move in this town.


MRE said...

Art & Physics one of my favorite books!

Anonymous said...

Outside the beltway the following is common knowledge. And outside the brains of Rachel Maddow, Adam Schiff and Robbie Mook, who invented all of this (by the way, Mook broke an ass-ceiling of a sort, by being the first homosexual head to lose a major national campaign).

Someone stole 50,000 emails from one computer of one campaign head. They didn't steal it from all of them, just Podesta. Then instead of giving it to a major news source, they give it to Wikileaks?? If you are a giant spying conglomerate know as Russian intelligence, and you have this extraordinary information, your gonna give it to Wikileaks?? Why not just publish it yourself? Why let it get out of your control?

This is obvious to anyone with an IQ higher than room temperature.....it was an inside job. Podesta flunkie. Or Robbie's boyfriend.

When this info started to leak out, what was the first thing that the venerable Mr. Mook announced? It came from Russian intelligence! Huh? We never thought of that! Why, we'll just ignore everything in the emails and just chalk it up to the Russkies!
And everyone will go along with it because all the American media have their nose up the DNC. What a brilliant move!

Too bad they lost despite having a sextape, a bimbo eruption, Gloria Allred, the Pope, Bruce, Bon Jovi, Lady Gaga/Katy Perry/Madonna, George Clooney, Beyonce & Jay Z, Cuba, Mexico, and Great Britain, and a 30 point lead in the 4th quarter!

Anonymous said...

Impeach the Liar, grew up with people like him, loud fucking bullshitters, he will get his!