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Saturday, February 3, 2024

Dutiful husband

Leslie went to see music last night and got to bed late so I let her sleep. 

Before I left for work I whipped up a batch of my patented peach, walnut, ginger scones so they would hopefully be warm when she woke up. 

As I like to brag, these are my own invention, so packed with delectable they're more like a fruitcake than a scone, but the kind that people actually eat rather than just pass around on holidays.

I use really big chunks of walnut and ginger. I found Chilean peaches at Northgate. 

Not perfect. The yellow were not that sweet but the white ones were better. What are you going to do in February?

I don't really look at recipes anymore. Maybe I should?

When I wrote this down for you before I added a half teaspoon of baking soda, I don't do that anymore. 

I like the two teaspoon baking powder method better. 

Less cakey.

But I screwed up and added a whole cup of half and half instead of a half.

This is a very wet dough anyway and this made it even more so. 

So I added another scoop of flour, mixed it all in with my hand and everything was copacetic.

I used a little cream left in the small mixing bowl and made a slight wash with a couple minutes to go and not finding any turbinado sugar, added some dark cane sugar for a topping. It worked well.

Actually one of my best batches yet. I make quite a few types of scones but this is our favorite by far. I thought about substituting hazelnuts for walnuts but just couldn't pull the trigger.

Why mess with something that is working?

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