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Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Don't come back


Every American should be revulsed by the images of the Venezuelan thugs beating on cops in New York.

I am disgusted that these vermin were released without bail. I am offended by their behavior.

These punks need to be apprehended, jailed and then sent back to wherever they are from and never allowed to dirty our shores again.

I have long been an advocate for a strong border. While I understand that some migrants are fleeing violence and persecution, unfortunately we do not have the resources to fix the entire world's problems. 

This is not a partisan issue. My father was an immigrant. But he didn't sneak in or go on welfare. He played by the rules.

But it looks like we're getting the worst of the worst. Ungrateful scum, undeserving of what we have to offer.

These South American and Russian cartels have been spreading havoc and engaging in serious crime for at least thirty years. Salvadoreans, Chileans, Ecuadorians.

The Post reported this week that nearly 100 migrants also have popped up on the NYPD’s radar as suspected pickpockets. One team of accused sticky-fingered asylum seekers was busted over the weekend for allegedly targeting Greenwich Village bars.

I was at many shows where Colombians were targeting jewelry dealers. I know people that have been assaulted, held up, followed home and beaten at gunpoint. Read about these Times Square shitheads. Men and women, thieves, pickpockets, criminals.

One of the men, Reveron, has two open cases in Manhattan for assault and robbery.

In November, he allegedly “pushed, punched and bit” a Nordstrom Rack employee who caught him lifting a $130 item from the Union Square store’s display rack, according to law enforcement sources.

Last month, Reveron also allegedly “punched with a closed fist” a loss prevention officer at the Herald Square Macy’s after trying to pull off a robbery with two other suspects, the sources said.

These a-holes have forfeited any rights they may have had and definitely worn out their welcome. Adios.

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Ken Seals said...

I'm glad you address this issue!