Egret and crab

Saturday, February 3, 2024

Life follows Art


I put a monochromatic version of this shot in the show that opened last night, one of my favorites. An inebriated man walking with two chickens on a string. It is from a sequence I took seven years ago which you can find here

Although he was fairly wasted there is a beautiful humanity that shines through in his face in this photograph.

As luck would have it, the bracero was walking right down the street today. I cornered him and tried to explain to him that his picture was hanging on the wall at the Art Center but he could not quite understand my rudimentary Spanish, he being a Guatemalteco and a nearby hispanic woman kindly translated for me.

I walked him into the room when it opened and got a shot of him in front of his picture. 

I believe that it made him happy, certainly surprised. He thanked me. 

Cool concurrence.


Lena said...

Serendipitous… great photos

Blue Heron said...

Love it - even the subtle colors work!


Blue Heron said...

Love the impish photo of man with roosters. Your second photo I think really humanizes him as a person in the modern world rather than a caricature of a past era.