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Saturday, February 10, 2024

Fallbrook Eats

Leslie made a korma, coconut cashew curry tonight with duck. It was delicious. She made it over basmati and we added the last loin lamb chops from the other night. I bought the large ten pack at Costco the other day, stretched through three meals.

She had wanted to make a red curry but must have thrown out the paste. Next time. 

I made lamb chops the other night, as I said, with rosemary garlic potatoes. But I went all out on the potatoes, combining Frank Proto and Kenji Lopez Alt's methodology.

First I par boiled the small organic yellows, cut in half in a water bath that I had added baking soda too, along with the salt. This raises the ph and makes the centers fluffier. I let them cool, then fried them cut side down in a cast iron pan with peanut oil.

I then removed them to a baking sheet and, after spraying them with duck fat, gave them another half hour in the oven. Flipped them at 15. With two minutes to go I added the garlic and rosemary and parsley so as not to burn.

Was all the time invested in making thrice cooked potatoes worth it?

I think so.

And for those of you who want to comment on the lack of green on the plate, we had a separate organic butter leaf salad.

The meals are for my stomach, not for show.

I came home yesterday and started to cook and realized that all the plastic cutting boards were gone.

I asked Leslie and she said that she had thrown them away.

We are going to stick with bamboo and wood.

There is a serious micro plastic problem in our world and in our bodies and we don't need to contribute any more particles to our food.

I am down with this.

We also use a lot of parchment paper in our home. I was watching Chef Jean Pierre and he will not allow aluminum foil to touch his food. Probably wise. Wrapping the parchment paper with foil is fine.

Renee's kids have been finding mass quantities of chanterelles by their house in Marin after the recent rains as well as other mushrooms.

They look so good, won't send us any. 😠


I had lunch with her the other day at Rosas.

She went with her favorite, camerones de mojo de ajo.

I stuck with my favorite, chicken soup.

Afterwards we drove out to DeLuz to check out the river crossing.

Sandia Creek had obviously been over the bridge.

Rainbow Creek and the Santa Margarita have been really high by me as well.

Back on food. I had a really nice red chicken curry at Thai Thai the other day.

People like to bitch about the new ownership and while it is a bit inconsistent, my experience has been pretty good there.

Must be lucky.

I went to the Firehouse for lunch today. I hardly ever go there.

Now I remember why.

I had an expensive rib sandwich that was fatty and pretty tasteless. Mac and cheese was good but over twenty one bucks with a root beer. 

No specials on the board anymore.

Will be a while before I go back.

I do like the new specials at Trupianos. On the suggestion of my server I had the penne arrabiata with breaded chicken on top. Really good. Talk about consistency, I always leave Trupiano's happy and pleased.

Renee told me that there is a new avocado variety in Fallbrook that is taking foodies by storm, courtesy of Jerri P. I need to look into it. Supposedly better than fuertes and reeds, my favorites.

Grocery Outlet is selling a really good Mexican ice cream for about fifty cents. I bought two yesterday, guy in front of me bought six, woman behind me bought two. Won't last long. I bought chocolate, coffee with chocolate. Leslie went back for a churro and another chocolate coffee today. Maybe something else too.

Get them while you can. 99 cents and get one free. Such a deal.


Emergefit said...

That’s weird! Two nights ago, Bill, Martin and I ate at Rosa’s for our annual Otie Heald memorial dinner. We had the shrimp mojo de ajo, and I’ve been telling people since, it’s as good as I’ve had anywhere. They do a great job. Looking forward to the patio, being open again and warm… Jhciacb

Blue Heron said...

Best entree in Fallbrook but a lot of food...

Ken Seals said...

Penne Arribiata: Arribiata means angry in Italiano :-) (spicy). And, I love it!