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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Biting the hand...

 The headline is pretty dire, U.N. halting food aid to Rafah.

The evil Israelis are obviously at it again.

But then you dig a little deeper into the subject in the Reuters article.

Senior U.N. aid official Edem Wosornu said there were insufficient supplies and fuel to provide any meaningful level of support to the people of Gaza as they endure Israel's military onslaught against Hamas militants.

"We are running out of words to describe what is happening in Gaza. We have described it as a catastrophe, a nightmare, as hell on earth. It is all of these, and worse," she said.

She told the U.N. Security Council that the closure of Rafah crossing from Egypt had stopped the delivery of at least 82,000 metric tonnes of supplies, while access at Israel's Kerem Shalom crossing was limited due to "hostilities, challenging logistical conditions, and complex coordination procedures."

So access to Kerem Shalom is limited. Why is that? Could it have anything to do with the fact that Hamas sent fourteen missiles into the checkpoint recently and killed three Israelis and wounded countless others? Isn't that literally biting the hand that is trying to feed you?

And there is this:

The U.N. said that 10 truckloads of food aid - transported from the pier site by U.N. contractors - were received on Friday at a World Food Programme warehouse in Deir El Balah in Gaza.

But on Saturday, only five truckloads made it to the warehouse after 11 others were cleaned out by Palestinians during the journey through an area that a U.N. official said has been hard to access with humanitarian aid.

"They've not seen trucks for a while," a U.N. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Reuters. "They just basically mounted on the trucks and helped themselves to some of the food parcels." 

Am I reading this right? Half the food has been stolen by the Palestinians before it reaches its target. 

Those damn Israelis...

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