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Monday, May 27, 2024

Message from Lori

Many people know that Brian Cook of Express Copy Center has been in the hospital for several weeks after some very serious surgery.

I talked to his wife Lori yesterday at the car show and she asked me to let people know that they are still open for business but with limited hours.

She sent me this note today:

Robert wanted me to explain about Brian having surgery. He went in in April and had a non cancerous tumor removed from his brain.  He was just was transferred to an extended care facility after 4 weeks in ICU. He has possibly another 3 to 4 weeks in extended care, maybe less maybe more, no one knows. He is improving and his spirits are good he is waiting to be able to come home and come to shop to be able to see everyone. We are all very thankful for all the prayers and well wishes that have been thrown our way.  I believe those have been very instrumental in Brian's recovery we almost lost him he flat lined twice during surgery and again in recovery but is on the road to recovery.

We definitely appreciate everyone's understanding of our crazy hours at Village Copy Center. I am there every morning till usually 11 or 12 in the afternoon due to the fact of me also working at Pauma Casino where Brian would totally be able to take over in the afternoon and keep things rolling and until he comes back it will continue to be crazy.

We ARE able to still provide the services to our customers. Emails are always encouraged with the file attachment to allow us to complete your job along with your contact information. Our services will still as always be done in a timely manner. Jobs that are completed will be at shop to pick up email will be sent stating job is complete and if you need it after we are closed you able to pick it up next door at the Yogurt Palace.  

We appreciate your business we need your business some have worried about burdening us in this time. Rest assured it is no burden we definitely want to continue to serve our community and all the loyal people whether they are new customers or those who are returning. Again best method of communication is email villagecopyctr@yahoo.com  by emailing I have more access to monitor and receive through out the day whether I am there or not.  Again thank you so much.  Lori

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