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Monday, May 6, 2024

Not so woke

I fall into that funny little gray area between woke and asleep. Or so I like to think anyway. Those that live on either fringe have a way of pissing me off.

Look at this headline on Huffington Post today.

Mean old rich white guy is standing in the way of a historic black candidate, or so the headline intimates. I hate to sound like an asshole but is this what we have come to; forget about merit and let's just give it to the candidate because she is a black woman? Is that all the criteria that is required here?

I don't know either of these individuals, reading the article they both seem quite capable. My problem is with how the article is spun and the narrative is framed. Is there a liberal thumb on the scales here or what?

I believe that this is why the Democrats are losing such a wide swath of support across our country. Things should matter beyond their income, the color of their skin or their gender. White males are not inherently evil and should not have to pay reparations of any kind.


Last night Hamas operatives fired 14 rockets and mortars at Kerem Shalom, a checkpoint that was allowing humanitarian aid into Gaza, killing three Israeli soldiers and wounding others. 

Will the progressive demonstrators at colleges throughout our land now celebrate the deaths of these horrible Zionist occupiers and will they decry the shutting down of the aid checkpoint as more proof of Israeli inhumanity?

Yes and yes.


And then there is this.

A student group from Columbia Law reportedly declared that no Jew is "safe" or "free" until Palestine is free.

In an email allegedly sent by Columbia Law’s National Lawyers Guild organization on Friday, the group condemned the school’s administration and the NYPD for clearing out Hamilton Hall after it was occupied by anti-Israel protesters.

Responding to Jewish critics, the group insisted that they did not speak for "all Jews" and argued Jewish safety cannot be assured until Palestine is "free."


Jon Harwood said...

The demonstrations have succeeded in lighting up a lot of hysteria all over and distracting attention from the Middle East.

Jeff Nichols said...

And distracting attention from our domestic nightmare, Trump as Presidential candidate. None of this Middle East shit will matter if MAGA gets their way and elects Trump again. I say let Israel defend themselves and support them in that defense as needed, and let's have the college students learn something in the classroom. And about saving US democracy. People are nuts...