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Thursday, May 2, 2024

Hits and misses

I guess I will cool down on the politics and talk about food. Politics upsets my stomach. 

I usually talk about fabulous food, let me talk about some disappointing meals first. People told me about this great new restaurant in Bonsall, the Backdraft

I went over there with Alex Evans, marginal, pedestrian at best. I had a greasy burger, burgers are far better at Main Street Cafe or Greek Chicken. Nothing redeeming, whatsoever.

No need to go back.


I drove up to Asian Seafood Buffet one day after a medical appointment in Murrieta.

The sushi was great, especially the salmon. The custard cups were tasteless, the rest of the meal sort of blah.

I don't know why but I usually leave this place feeling not so great. I think I will be a bit more discriminating next time I go, but it will be a little while. Maybe just stick to sushi, which is really good.


I had heard about the taco truck in front of the old Pizza Hut. I went down there for a birria taco and some other things.

Not impressed.

Richie's was not great. Looking forward to great birria tacos at the end of the month when I am back in Torrance, Tacos El Goloso.

I wanted to like it.


We have had some good meals too.

Leslie and I went back to Todo par la Cruda in the barrio. Thy were out of posole, I had birria. Didn't know it was so loaded with onions.

It is funny, hated onions most of my life but I can tolerate them now. Leslie can't.

I really like this place - the food, vibe and ambience.


We went back to the Northern Thai Mae Sai place in Temecula with Jim and Stacy the other night.

It was great. 

We had Khao Soi, thai sausage, a pork noodle dish and a papaya salad.

I showed him my blog and he was so happy he gifted us Mango sticky rice with purple rice .

Really delicious!

I can't think of much more, beyond Rosa's, my mainstay, of course.

And my own baking.

Leslie asked for scones with cherry and chocolate.

I made them, per her request, with walnuts. Simple, but what she wanted.

We used dried bing cherries. I was okay with the final result, she said best ever.

You see, my wife is a chocoholic. I thought the chocolate was overwhelming for the fruit. To each his or her own.

Two nights ago I made a blueberry, cherry, cranberry scone with hazelnuts, walnuts and dried ginger. 

Everything but the kitchen sink. 

More like a fruitcake. 

I am pushing the confectionary envelope here.

Because I can.

Not my best effort but I liked it.

Tell you the truth, can't wait for fresh peaches again. I think my peach scones still rule!

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