Blue Heron in flight

Friday, May 17, 2024


My schedule has been insane and it is only going to get tougher in the coming weeks. 

I am in the conservation of strength and energy mode and went home early today to hopefully recharge.

I decided to make a batch of scones. I haven't made any since Fresno.

I made my standard organic blueberry and cranberry with cinnamon, walnuts and candied ginger.

I usually use a milk wash, today I went with an egg wash and I like the color and gloss better.

Leslie asked me for a glaze and I told her it was her choice.

She picked some Valencia oranges out of our grove, also organic and I made a really snappy citrus glaze.

These babies tasted so good, wish you could smell them! I modified my cream and butter mixing technique ever so slightly but it made a big difference. They were light and fluffy.

On my near horizon is a maple bacon scone that I have yet to invent, slightly savory sweet. I talked to the pastry chef at Pamplemousse and she gave me some ideas how to handle the maple syrup glaze.

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